Howdy! Some folks have asked about my setup — especially my streaming setup — so I figured I'd outline the tools I'm using and how here. If you're curious about a part of my setup that isn't mentioned here, reach out to me on Twitter!

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Video and Audio Equipment

Streaming Setup

  • My streaming software of choice is OBS.
    • While there are forks and similar projects that are geared more specifically for streaming on Twitch, OBS is free and — especially crucial for an accessibility stream like Some Antics — supports closed captions.
  • I'm using ratwithacompiler's Closed Captioning OBS Plugin for auto-generated caption support.
  • Conversations with guests are pulled into OBS using Ping, which hosts the call with minimal latency, and which makes pulling in embeds of my guests' camera feeds into OBS really easy.
  • The layout of my OBS scenes is powered by Eleventy sites which have been pulled into OBS as browser sources.

Pre- and Post-Production

  • Guests are booked with Calendly.
  • I use Descript to create vetted captions for the YouTube backlog.


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