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I'm Ben. I'm a web developer near Dallas, Texas. My teammates know me for my commitment to web accessibility, intentional inclusiveness, and unforgivable puns.

I believe in writing the code you wish to see in the world—taking pride in the work you do and celebrating code for just how human it is.

I'm passionate about learning and growing, and I'm just as passionate about sharing what I've learned with those around me.

I stream about the web.

I host Some Antics, a Twitch show where I bring on guests from around the web development industry to teach me something about building great user experiences for the web, with a focus on accessibility and core web technologies.

I'm thrilled that I get to bring together a community each week that is excited about building robust, accessible, and delightful user experiences!

Catch the streams live on Tuesdays at 2pm Central, or check out previous streams!

I'm building Microsoft Learn.

I'm currently a Software Engineer II at Microsoft, building the Microsoft Learn platform (formerly Microsoft Docs) and ensuring that Microsoft's developer documentation is accessible to all, regardless of disability, language, or internet bandwidth.

I also consult on, document, and implement Microsoft Learn's Atlas Design System, a design system and CSS framework which emphasizes accessibility, internationalization/localization, and leveraging the web platform for developer experience and interoperability.

Previously, I was at USAA.

While at USAA, I:

  • Developed and implemented React/​Redux front-ends for the redesign of the credit card, checking, and savings account summaries, which are critical pages for the bank that receive more than 60 million views a month.
  • Onboarded three cohorts of college hires from across the company during 12-week web development bootcamps, mentoring the new hires in web development, JavaScript, React, accessibility, and more.
  • Championed web accessibility, becoming a trusted resource throughout the company.
  • Leveraged automation and continuous integration/​continuous deployment tooling to ensure that our releases are fast, robust, and compliant.


I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2018.

While there, I was president of the local Association for Computing Machinery chapter for two years. During that time, we:

  • Revitalized the ACM chapter from near-zero attendance to about 30-40 students every week at meetings that explored technologies and professional aspects of the computer science field.
  • Networked and coordinated with employers such as Tesla, Paycom, and Raytheon to share insight from the industry.
  • Facilitated hackathons, game jams, and programming competitions that saw participation from the whole Computer Science department.

I was awarded the Computer Science department's first ever Outstanding Service Award by the College of Arts and Sciences.

“Ben gets me excited about accessibility.”

“His expertise and enthusiasm in creating great user experiences for all is unmatched. And his empathy for people extends to learners like me. When I ask Ben to review my work, when I watch Some Antics or read posts on benmyers.dev, I feel like accessibility is eminently achievable.

Folks on the React Podcast Discord server are fired up about accessibility — not because someone is forcing them to be, but because Ben is optimistic about the challenges ahead!

If you want a team that's engaged and enthusiastic about accessibility-minded engineering, [hire | work with] Ben Myers.”

—Michael Chan, host of React Podcast

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